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Company Profile

Soft-IT began its operations on 1st August 2001 with its Head Quarters based in Zimbabwe, Africa. Soft-IT has business partners in various parts of Africa and the world. Since its inception, Soft-IT has become one of the most successful IT companies in Zimbabwe. Soft-IT's success lies within its ability to meet the requirements of its customers dependably and cost effectively.

Through its extensive and up-to-date knowledge in Information Systems, Soft-IT has the necessary competencies and the qualified experience to effectively deliver first grade IT solutions.

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Main Business, Products and Services


Soft-IT as a Software Engineering Firm

As a software engineering firm, Soft-IT employs best practices for developing modern, high quality applications that reflect international standards from a programming and usability perspective. The process of software engineering adopted by Soft-IT is professional and guides its valued clients through the phases of analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. In-house professionals provide users of the software with training, support and guidance. Soft-IT maitains a high level of communication with clients throughout the system development life cycle.

Soft-IT as a Consulting Firm

As a consulting firm, Soft-IT provides specialized consultancy in Information Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions. IT solutions range from Wide Area Networking to all aspects of software engineering (Software Architecture, Programming, Database Administration, Website design, and more.)

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Soft-IT has developed several products and provided training and business solutions to numerous organizations in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Soft-IT Products and Services

Since its inception, Soft-IT has developed software products in the field of Human Resource Management, Balanced Scorecard (strategy and performance management), Payroll, Geographical Information System, Supply Chain Management, Hotel Management, Cargo Tracking Systems, and Costing, to mention a few.

Soft-IT provides services in the areas of IT Consultancy, Seminars, Workshops, IT Outsourcing, Training, Website Design, and Software Technical Support.