Development - Development Methodology

Process for Customized Development

Soft-IT implements a methodology that ensures a smooth transition to the proposed systems. Every step of the development process is controlled through predefined objectives that involve close collaboration between Soft-IT and its client.

Before development begins Soft-IT recommends that a working committee comprising of technical and administration representatives from Soft-IT and the client should be set up to ensure that the requirements of the client are understood by all the parties involved.

Common User Interface

Soft-IT products have Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) at the managerial and user level.

The consistency of the user interface is standard across modules and operating platforms and conforms to the level of usability portrayed by Windows XP. This style of interface design is standard within all Soft-IT products.


Soft-IT products come standard with a number of forms of documentation, including

  • On-line manual
  • Help Facilities and Tutorials
  • Hard copy and soft copy of User Guides
  • Hard copy and soft copy of Installation and Start-up Manuals

External Interface Software

As a standard, Soft-IT promotes inter-application communication within its products, thus allowing users the freedom and flexibility to export data to a variety of third party formats. Specifically, data within the application can be exported to Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet), HTML (for publishing on the Internet) and XML (for universal data transfer).