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Prime Manager ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning

Prime Manager™ is a modern ERP system which provides capabilities to bring together all value chain activities within and outside an organization. This creates a comprehensive, manageable and strategic system resource base that supports Management decision.

Human Resource Management

Prime HR™ is a Human Resource Information Management solution for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners who are mindful of efficiently handling and analyzing employee and operational information to easily adapt to changes in their business environment.

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Balanced Scorecard

Prime BSC™ is a performance management computer software that will help your organization to easily translate its strategy into objectives that drive the company behavior and performance.

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Material Management

Prime MM™ is used to automate the implementation of the Stores Management. All steps - namely, the Requests for Purchase, the Purchase Orders, the Receiving of Goods, the Inspection of Goods, adding Goods to Stock, and the Material Issues are fully supported.

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Property Management

Prime PM™ is a comprehensive Property management solution for the smooth running of both residential and business properties. Prime PM™ encompasses powerful tools to effectively and simultaneously integrate both a Lease Management and an Accounting System.

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Implementing the Balanced Scorecard using Prime Manager

Prime BSC™ is a performance management computer software that helps organizations to easily translate their strategy into objectives that drive the company behavior and performance..



Telecoms, Internet Solutions,WAN Networking, Software Development and Implementation consulting services.

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Courses on advanced software development and engineering, including Microsoft .NET (C#), Java, and Delphi.

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Web Design

We create professional static, dynamic, and responsive websites for desktop, tablets and smart phones.

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Software Development

Using the latest technology and many years of experience, we develop state of the art software solutions.

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