Over the years we have acquired expertise in many industrial fields

Soft-IT has developed software products in the fields of Human Resource Management, Strategy and Performance Management, Payroll, Geographical Information System, Supply Chain Management, Hotel Management, Cargo Tracking Systems, and Costing, to mention a few.

Prime Manager

Enterprise Resource Planning

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major products


Human Resource Management

Prime HR™ is a Human Resource Information Management solution for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners who are mindful of efficiently handling and analyzing employee and operational information to easily adapt to changes in their business environment.

Balanced Scorecards

Prime BSC™ is a performance management computer software that will help your organization to easily translate its strategy into objectives that drive the company behavior and performance.

Material Management

Prime MM™ is used to automate the implementation of the Stores Management. All steps - namely, the Requests for Purchase, the Purchase Orders, the Receiving of Goods, the Inspection of Goods, adding Goods to Stock, and the Material Issues are fully supported.

Property Management

Prime PM™ is a comprehensive Property management solution for the smooth running of both residential and business properties. Prime PM™ encompasses powerful tools to effectively and simultaneously integrate both a Lease Management and an Accounting System.


Our competitive advantage is demonstrated by our constant pursue of excellence and constant innovation. We are a reliable and professional IT solution provider to help you climb and stay above the challenges of the 21st century.
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With over 13 years expertise in software engineering, we have continuously developed modern, high quality applications that reflect international standards from a programming and usability perspective.
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other products



Smart Executive

Smart Executive™ is a powerful human resource management application that allows you to control the entire human resource function of your organisation from a single desktop, no matter how large the organisation.

The ability to create queries, define variables, produce flexible reports and numerous other personnel maintenance functions will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resource component of your organisation.

Smart Executive™ is shipped in different modules, which can be purchased separately as your organisation's needs dictate.




GoldenPay™ is a powerful payroll management application that allows you to control the entire payroll resource function of your organisation.

GoldenPay™ brings to your organisation the power of an integrated payroll management system and provides reliable tax calculations and other related functions in conformity with your local government policies.

The system ensures timely and accurate production of tax reports, payslips and many other reports for year-end audits.

GoldenPay™ comes equipped with essential Human Resources providing the ability to trace activities from the stage of entering job applicants into the system, through the entire process life cycle of employees in the organisation. These basic Smart Executive™ modules record the movements of employees through the system - whether they are submitting a leave application or are under the scrutiny of a performance appraisal.




Hotelier is a front- office hotel management software that allows control of the entire range of guest operations within the hotel or accommodation facility.

Hotelier provides users with the ability to generate queries, define rooms, produce flexible reports and numerous other guest and room maintenance functions.




21 June 2012

National Railways of Zimbabwe Contributory Pension Fund

We have dealt with Soft-IT Consultants International Limited since 2005 as the provider and developer of Smart Executive HRIMS, an integrated business solution of Payroll and Human Resource Management System. Soft-IT has provided us with satisfactory support and we can confidently recommend Soft-IT for business.

Chipo Hlabangana
Deputy Manager Finance & IT
NRZ Pension Fund

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