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Prime MM - Material Management

Prime Manager™ is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application which provides capabilities to bring together all value chain activities within and outside an organization. This creates a comprehensive, manageable and strategic system resource base that supports Management decisions. Prime Manager™ offers the opportunity to enhance an organization's management capabilities through the provision of powerful information management tools which include the following main modules: Human Resource Management (Prime HR) Balanced Scorecard (Prime BSC) Stores and Supply Chain Management (Prime SSC) Geographical Information System (Prime GIS) Employee Self Service (Prime SS)

Prime HR - Human Resource Management

Prime HR™ is a Human Resource Management solution for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners who are mindful of efficiently handling and analyzing employee and operational information to easily adapt to changes in their business environment. Prime HR is key to improving performance and ultimately leads to organizational success.

Prime BSC - Balanced Scorecard

Prime BSC™ is a strategic and performance management solution based on the Balanced Scorecard that help Top Executives easily translate their company strategy into objectives that drive corporate behavior and performance.

Prime MM - Material Management

Prime GIS - Geographical Information System

Prime GIS™ is computer-based software that helps you easily and effectively manage your geographical data. It is suitable for NGOs, government institutions, consultants, and any institution or individual dealing with geographical information system. Prime GIS was designed with the end-user in mind, making your GIS practice a pleasant experience. Prime GIS has unique visualization and geographical analysis capabilities making it valuable to a wide range of public and private enterprises for explaining events, predicting outcomes, and planning strategies.

Prime PM - Property Management

Prime PM™ is a ...