Services - Major Services

Software Development

Our commitment to Research and Development at Soft-IT means we are versatile and flexible. We can develop software applications for any kind of business in any industry.

With over a decade of expertise in software engineering, we have continuously developed modern, high quality applications that reflect international standards from a programming and usability perspective.

Clients can have our existing products tailor-made and adjusted for their specific business. Alternatively, we can develop an entirely new system to suit a Client's needs.

We guide our Clients through phases of analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. Our In-house professionals provide software users with training, support and guidance. We maintain a high level of communication with Clients throughout the system development life cycle.

If you would like our experts to develop a custom software application for you, send us an email with your specifications for a free quote.


Soft-IT provides regional and international consultancy services to SMEs, NGOs, enterprises and government organizations. With over a decade of Information Technology expertise we are well positioned to offer you advisory and project management services to meet your goals.

Soft-IT has undertaken projects in WAN Networking, Telecoms, Software Development & Implementation and Internet Solutions. Through the years we have acquired a wealth of invaluable knowledge that can empower you today.

Our consulting capabilities bring value throughout the implementation of all customer-based initiatives. We work with the client through the analysis, development and implementation of the solution to ensure our resources are aligned with customer values.

Give us your brief and you could be on your way to achieving your bottom-line.

Soft-IT provides Consulting services in the following areas:

HR Consultancy

We offer consultative tips on best and latest HR practices and trends. Soft-IT also advices on various HR statutes and policy amendments by local authorities and how best they can be implemented in HR management.

Payroll Consultancy

Clients receive consultation on various critical areas of the payroll such as:

  • Tax calculations
  • Payroll statutory changes
  • Best practices in payroll Management
Strategic Implementation Consultancy

The Balanced Scorecard is a widely accepted tool in implementing organizational strategic goals in line with the company mission and vision statements. Our consultants help you to implement strategy using this concept.

HR Compliance Audits

Periodic audits carried out, to ensure HR Compliance from both a manual and system point of view.

  • Design, configuration, maintenance of Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Design, configuration, maintenance of Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • Design, configuration, and maintenance of Inter-networks: Cisco routers,
  • TCP/IP
  • Intranets design and implementation
  • Connecting networks to the Internet
  • Thin Client Technology using Citrix MetaFrame™ XP and Microsoft Windows.

Databases design and implementation (such as Statistics)

Training for Software Developers

The following courses are available for Software Developers. Some of the courses can only be scheduled upon prior arrangement with the Soft-IT Training Department. Please consult our Training Calendar for dates and time.

  • Introduction to programming
  • Database Management Systems and SQL Concepts
  • Microsoft .NET and C# Foundations
  • Programming with C# - Intermediate Level
  • Programming with C# - Advanced Level
  • Delphi Programming
  • Java Programming Foundations
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Software Testing

Web Design

We designed our own website. Let us help you increase you web presence, reach a wider audience and even increase sales.

Using the most updated web designing concepts and latest software technologies, your site will not only look good, but it will also adhere to general design conventions allowing it to be easily accessible to your customers and potential customers.

Our expert team will work closely with you and offer advice on important color choices based on the color wheel. Using Macromedia and Flash we offer an unlimited array of animated features to suit and reflect your organization.

All these great features and more are available to you when we design your site:

  • User friendly Navigation links
  • Color recommendations from our expert knowledge of the Color Wheel
  • A Favicon, which displays a site identity image on the Address Bar
  • Rigorous Website page testing done in several phases
  • Compatibility on all well known Browsers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Response or email contact forms
  • A Site Map
  • A zipped archive of all website files is given to you after site launch
  • An uncomplicated overall design for even the most complex needs

We will also upload, host and maintain your site.