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Soft-IT Training Academy

The Soft-IT Training Academy aims at providing professional and practical training to IT professionals seeking to update their curriculum to keep abreast with today's rapidly changing world.

Courses are intended for IT professional at all levels (Support Technicians, IT University Students, Developers, and Managers).

It is assumed that students attending these courses meet the following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Operating system
  • Basic computer programming knowledge for the Windows platform in any language
  • Management-oriented courses should be attended by students currently in supervisory or Management positions.

Training for Managers

The following courses are available for Supervisors and Managers. Some of the courses can only be scheduled upon prior arrangement with the Soft-IT Training Department. Please consult our Training Calendar for dates and time.

  • IT Governance
  • IT Security
  • IT Auditing
  • Management Skills for Technical People
  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managing a Software Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Geographical Information Systems

Seminars and Workshops

Soft-IT conducts seminars and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networking
  • Design Principles
  • Web Design
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Administration

Payroll Bureau

Soft-IT recognises the global challenge companies face with staff movements between companies, across countries and continents. We are aware of the crisis that arises from these sometimes unexpected movements which can leave operational gaps, especially in critical areas such as payroll administration.

Soft-IT's Payroll Bureau service means we run the payroll for you while you seek to replace a staff member who may have left the company and subsequently left a gap in payroll functions. This service includes payroll input, payslips packing and report printing.

The payroll bureau is run under a secure environment, under the close supervision of senior staff management.

Customer Care

At Soft-IT we value our Clients. That is why we develop all our products with the end-user in mind to facilitate your working experience. We work closely and professionally with our Clients during product implementation and our after sales Technical Support will ensure that we are there when you need us.

We help you help yourself

When you purchase our software, several users will receive in-depth technical training on our product. These trained users will be equipped to return to your company and train others.

Our After-Sale Support Contract

Designed to give you peace of mind from operational handicaps, this contract guarantees priority response in the event of faults plus free updates on any changes on the system.

Email Support

For general queries, send us an email us at For technical related questions email

Telephone Support

Call our Customer Care hotline and let our professional and friendly consultants help you on + 263 9 882510 / 882511.

Drive/Walk-in Support

Take advantage of our on-site support. Our well trained Technicians can resolve any issues at your location.

Website FAQ

Help yourself with comprehensive answers to our list of frequently asked questions.

Software Help

An extensive Online help can be freely accessed from all our software products.


As a Service Provider, Soft-IT is conveniently placed to win software development contracts locally and internationally. The Software Development cost is considerably less expensive in our environment compared to other countries around the world.

We understand that Information Technology Outsourcing requires a high level of professionalism, project management skill and flexibility according to the needs of our Clients.

Offshore outsourcing challenges are well managed as Soft-It is culturally diverse. Our consultancy team is bilingual, which facilitates interaction with Anglophone and Francophone countries.

Soft-IT holds a wealth of experience in dealing with diverse local and international businesses, from small and medium enterprises to government organizations. With an impressive track record, you can be assured that Soft-IT will deliver.